"Loot" ep. 3 | workplace comedy | Maya Rudolph | an Apple Original | 2022

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Описание In “Loot,” billionaire Molly Novak (Rudolph) has a dream life, complete with private jets, a sprawling mansion and a gigayacht — anything [censored] heart desires. But when [censored] husband of 20 years betrays [censored], she spirals publicly, becoming fuel for tabloid fodder. She's reaching rock bottom when she learns, to [censored] surprise, that she has a charity foundation run by the no-nonsense Sofia Salinas (Rodriguez), who pleads with Molly to stop generating bad press. With [censored] devoted assistant Nicholas (Kim Booster) by [censored] side, and with the help of Sofia and team — including mild-mannered accountant Arthur (Faxon) and [censored] optimistic, pop-culture-loving cousin Howard (Funches) — Molly embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Giving back to others might be what she needs to get back to herself.
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